Artist residencies in the Cotswolds


US composer Flannery Cunningham spent two weeks at the studio in July 2016. Flannery  works with both acoustic instruments and interactive electronics and is fascinated by illusion, sonic aspects of text, and the inclusive possibilities of interfaces such as motion sensors and video game controllers.  During her Art Pitch residency she developed an interactive sound and video installation called Hand Games which allows a viewer to control fades between video and audio of a number of closely-filmed actions performed with the hands: snapping, clapping, rubbing, etc. Flannery tested this out on an audience at an open studio event and also presented a new work Small Things All Together,  an installation which used the programming environments Max/MSP and Jitter with frozen suspended flowers picked at the Rollright Stones. Flannery met with local artists and shared ideas as she developed her work with artist technologist and developer of Praxis software Neil C Smith.