Project name and description

Project name and description

Project name and description

2018 Art Pitch Artist-in-Residence is Canadian German artist filmmaker NATHALIA BELL.  Born in Vancouver British Columbia, Nathalia recently graduated with an MA in Experimental Film from Kingston School of Art.


Nathalia is an artist filmmaker and writer who creates poetic-essay films with existential and spiritual themes. Believing originality derives from origins, she draws from a wide frame of references in history, literature, philosophy and film history in order to create dialectical kaleidoscopic visions. Her current interest revolves around ancient ways of seeing, especially concerning human’s relationship with nature as embodied in Anglo-Saxon Riddles.


2018 Nathalia Bell

For her open studio Nathalia screened her final graduation film, Vindauga (Wind Eye/Window), a poetic film essay, envisions an ancient world-view, where physical matter was also ‘mater’ (as in 'mother'.) The film explores Owen Barfield's theory of the evolution of consciousness, from the ancient world-view imbued with myth, to our modern age, plagued with an underlying sense of apathy and meaninglessness.


Whilst in residence at the studio she has been honoured to witness the felling of Charlbury’s own St. Mary’s Tree, which is a Western Cedar, from British Columbia as well. She showed a rough cut of her filmic response to the event, made over several days in Charlbury this week and enjoyed conversations with local residents who came to the studio to meet her. 


"I cherished the retreat and reflective space the Art Pitch residency provided. To get away from a noisy city environment and to be inspired by nature informed my practice. At the open studio event the curiosity and insight of visitors, and conversations with them, have inspired the fabrics of future works and provided rich inspiration."